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Music News For The Week Of October 26, 2014!

Seether have released a new song called Same Damned Life. It’s off their Isolate And Medicate album. I think they did a great job with this video. Check it out here:

Soundgarden will release a 3 disc rarities album titled, Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path. It will be come out on November 24th. Here is the track, Storm, from it. You can check it out here:

Led Zeppelin released an alternate version of Rock And Roll. It’s from their deluxe version of Led Zeppelin 4 or otherwise known as the ZOSO album. It’s out now but you can check out the song here:

I wish Sammy Hagar would shut up about Van Halen. If they want a reunion, they will ask, if they want Michael Anthony, back, they will get him. Who cares? Instead of cover albums and cover shows, just shut up already and put something new out. Enough already. My name is Seth A. Kahaian and I approve this message.

Machine Head have released a trailer for their album, Bloodstone & Diamonds, out on November 10. You can watch it here:

Here is a PSA for you this week. Johnny Solinger, the current singer for the “We are never going to reunite with Sebastian Bach” Skid Row, has released a country EP. If interested, your mission is to find it on your own.

Three Days Grace have released the single, I Am Machine, on iTunes. You can purchase it here:

Alice In Chains released a new video titled, Phantom Limb, off their latest album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. You can check out the bittorrent bundle here:

Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath has been working on music for the television show CSI. November 2 debut is his first one. He hasn’t said the name of it yet.

The Rolling Stones are releasing a new book for $5000.  Yes, you read that right and a special edition version for $10,000. You can get the details here:

KISS released a promo trailer for the deluxe version of the Love Gun album, out now. Watch the clip here:

Genesis has released a promo trailer for their DVD release of the BBC documentary titled, Sum Of All Parts. It comes out on November 17. You can watch the clip here:

If you are looking for something in the Blues vein, I came across this artist, Jim Stapley. It’s a track called Laid To Waste. I think it’s a great tune. Listen to it here: but learn more about him here: Let me know if you like him.

Tesla have been releasing tracks all week off of their Simplicity album but you can listen to them all here:

Sixx A.M. released another track off their album, Modern Vintage. This one is Let’s Go. Check it out here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was:  What do the following albums have in common: Queen-Queen, The Cars-The Cars, Journey-Infinity, Cheap Trick-One On One, Motley Crue-Too Fast For Love and Smashing Pumpkins-American Gothic? No one got this one. These albums were all produced by Roy Thomas Baker. You should Google him and see what other records he did. You might even try and listen to some other artists he did that you may or may not know since you already love what he does with these classic albums.

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Rush released a video this week with the original drummer John Rutsey, a rarity for their R40 box set. It’s for the song I’ve Been Runnin’, this song was never released. You can watch it here:

Foo Fighters have released yet another track off of their Sonic Highways album, out November 10. Looks like they will be releasing a track a week, until the series is over and the album does come out. This is Congregation:

Adelitas Way released a new video from their current album, Stuck. This one is called Save The World and you can watch here:

Metallica will be doing a week long residency on The Late Show With Craig Ferguson . It starts Monday November 17.

Lordi have released a single from their new album out on November 3rd, Scare Force One, and this is the title track:

If you are interested, Nickelback will be doing a special performance on November 5th at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles. They will be making an announcement before their performance. You know, like tour dates or whatever.

Devil You Know have released a new video from their current album, The Beauty Of Destruction. This one is called It’s Over:

Saving Abel have released the title track from their new album, Blood Stained Revolution. The album is out November 11. The first with new singer Scotty Austin. Check it out here:

Gary Cherone’s band, Hurtsmile, have released a lyric video for the song called Big Government.  It’s off of their current album, Retrogrenade. You can watch it here:

The Black Veil Brides have released a new video called Goodbye Agony. It’s off their self titled CD, produced by legend Bob Rock and you can hear the influence he has on them. Check it out here:

Static X’s singer/guitarist, Wayne Static (Wayne Richard Wells), was found dead yesterday. He was 48 and the word on the street is an overdose. RIP Wayne.

The Moody Blues are releasing an 8 disc set, 6 CDs and 2 DVDs. It’s called The Polydor Years: 1986-1992. You get the usual: remastered, unreleased, book, rare, etc. It comes out on November 24.

This week’s Rockucation question is: What do Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, MC5, Judas Priest, YES, The Moody Blues, Bad Company, Bon Jovi, ELP, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, The Monkees and Jethro Tull all have in common?

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