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Music News For The Week Of October 28, 2012!

Music News

I’m sure everyone is saddened by the tragedy that is known as Hurricane Sandy. I just wanted to pass along a site that you can donate too if you are looking to do so. There are many great organizations, but you can also donate here:

Mark Tremonti has stated that Wolfgang Van Halen will be a permanent member of his solo band but admits that Van Halen will be Wolfie’s first priority.  That’s good news for all.

On Tuesday, November 20th, Saxon will release “Heavy Metal Thunder-The Movie.”  It is the story of the rise of Saxon through the years. It will be a 2 disc set. If you’re wondering, it is a documentary.

I’m going to start something new on this page. I will start posting trivia questions and test your knowledge. Rockucation time. This singer sang for two bands that featured a great guitarist and the guitarists’ last names as the band. Can you name the singer and the two bands? As a bonus, who was the record producer for both of these bands? Send me your answer, the first person that gets it right will be posted in the next rock report with the answer.  You can show your friends and family how rocking smart you really are.

Buckcherry have announced the name of their new album: Confessions. It will be released in Spring of 2013.

Tom Keifer (Cinderella) is streaming two new songs on his web site. The songs are: Cold Day In Hell and Ask Me Yesterday. You can hear them here;

As you all know on November 13, Soundgarden will be releasing King Animal. But what you probably didn’t know is if you buy it at Best Buy, you will get 5 extra bonus tracks in a deluxe edition of the release. That will be 18 tracks in total. How cool is that?

Jimmy Page is remastering the Led Zep catalog again. The difference this time is that each record will be released as a box set with extra material. He will be also working on various other Zep projects as well.

Green Day had to cancel all touring because of Billie Joe Armstrong’s addiction issues. I think they should just come out and say he has maturity problems. Right? Anyway, they will also move up the release of Tre to December 11, as opposed to the original date of January 15.

If you were still holding out like I am that Bill Ward will reunite with the rest of Black Sabbath, well don’t hold your breath. Tony Iommi doesn’t see that happening at this time. I think that sucks. I wish they would just do the tour and make it right, but what do I know?

Rumor has it that Ace Frehley is reforming Frehley’s Comet for a reunion. That would be great! Calling all Rock Soldiers, Ace has got your rock!

On the up and coming Primal Scream album (no titles or dates yet) Robert Plant will be singing on a song (no details yet on which one). But he has recorded with them before. He played Harmonica on The Lord Is My Shotgun, which appears on the bands Evil Heat album.

If you can make it on November 5th, Blue Oyster Cult will reunite with the original members of the band at the Best Buy Theater in New York to perform for one night. This is to coincide with their release of Blue Oyster Cult: The Columbia Albums Collection. I wish I could check it out, it should be a great night.

Next week, the week ending November 10th, Taddy Porter will be streaming a new song on Check it out and get a taste of their soon to be released new album.

HBO will have a documentary on the Rolling Stones airing on November 15th at 9 pm. It will be called, Crossfire Hurricane.  It will show unreleased footage and have a fresh take on them. I will be looking forward to catching that.

Randy Piper of WASP fame is starting a new project and is looking for a singer. Those interested should go to his site: for details.

Also Aerosmith has announced where they are going to appear on Monday November 5th in Boston. It will be at 1325 Commonwealth Ave around 12 noon time. My understanding is that there isn’t a lot of room in that area. But hopefully you can check them out.

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