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Music News For The Week Of October 5, 2014!

Black Stone Cherry released a new video off of their new album, Magic Mountain. This one is called Remember Me. Watch it here:

AC/DC have released the song, Play Ball, from their soon to be released album, Rock Or Bust, out on December 2nd. Check it out here:

Fleetwood Mac has added more dates on their tour, and you can get them here:

Monster Magnet have released the video for the song called The Duke. It’s for their forthcoming album, Milking The Stars: A Re-Imaging Of Last Patrol, out on November 18. The video is pretty cool. Check it out here:

Flying Colors released a video off of their latest album, Second Nature. The song is A Place In Your World. Watch it here:

Heart is releasing a CD/DVD set on November 11. It is called Heart & Friends; Home For The Holidays.

Neil Young released his new song, Who’s Gonna Stand Up, from his soon to be released album, Storytone. Out on December 16. Watch it here:

I will continue to mention this station/web site through November. Make sure you check them out but now they are looking for some help. Nearing its second anniversary as both “The First Internet Television Network That Works” and “The Prime Source for 24/7 Heavy Metal Programming,” Heavy Metal Television decided it was time to go to the fans instead of advertisers to make the viewing experience even better in Year Three. Says Heavy Metal Television founder Eric Braverman,   “I’m launching this Fund Anything campaign beginning October 1 and ending November 1 to insure that this network remains on the net with minimal commercials, no pop up or banner ads. Part of the money raised will go to updating our gear to bring you faster, better streaming and to create more specialty shows.”     If you still haven’t witnessed this metal miracle of science and headbanging, log onto and see just how easily it comes up! There’s no need to log on, much less come up with yet another password. An honest-to-Lucifer live television station, streaming worldwide 24 hours a day—in hi-def video and hi-fi audio whenever available. And that’s the way he’d like to keep it and then make it even better, faster and STILL free!  For more information, check out the Fund Anything site:

Bush have released another song, this time it’s an audio track. It’s called, Loneliness Is A Killer. Off of their soon to be released new album Man On The Run, Out on October 21. Check it out here:

Foo Fighters have announced that they will be playing on the David Letterman Show for the whole week of October 13. Make sure you check them out.

Billy Idol just announced North American tour dates, get them here:

Seether released a lyric video for their song, Same Damn Life. It’s off of their current album, Isolate And Medicate. You can watch it here:

New supergroup, Rated X, have released a new track, This Is Who I am. It’s from their debut out on November 11. Watch it here:

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Last week’s Rockucation question was:  This band featured at one time Gary Moore on guitar, had an album called Whiskey In The Jar. The former bassist was a founder of this band and is no longer alive. Who is the band? The answer comes from Tonya Blevins Doyle, from Waxahachie, TX. The answer is Thin Lizzy.

Former singer of Accept, Udo Dirkschneider, is releasing a new album in January 2015 called Decadent.

Sixx A.M. have announced their first ever concert tour. You can get dates here:

Just a reminder, I don’t care about R.E.M. or anything that they do.

Black Veil Brides have released a new video called Heart On Fire. It’s from their self titled album coming out on October 27th. You can watch it here:

Papa Roach announced that their new album will be called F.E.A.R.  It will be released on January 27.

Devin Townsend released a new video for the track, Deathray, from his album, Z2. It’s out on October 27.  You can watch it here:

The BBC Music gathered several musicians from all walks of life, most importantly Brian May and David Grohl (Brian Wilson was a nice touch though), among others to do a cover of the Beach Boys  song, God Only Knows. You can check it out here:

Thousand Foot Krutch have released a new song called Born This Way.  When you click on to the link for the video, you can also check out their tour dates to support their new album, Oxygen. You can watch it here:

The Who announced their farewell tour and you can get the dates here:

Gene Simmons released a trailer for his new book, Me Inc. You can watch that here: He also announced some book signing dates, you can get those here:

Hessler have released a new video called Stuck On You. It’s from their Ghost Dance album. Watch it here:

Queen released a lyric video from their first album, Queen. This one features Roger Taylor. This is Modern Times Rock And Roll, watch it here:

Exodus is streaming their new album Blood In, Blood Out for free, before its release date of October 14. You can watch it here:

Saxon have announced a world tour called Warriors Of The Road World, with opening act Skid Row.  Get dates here:

Once again, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame have made their nominees known and once again, they left out bands like Deep Purple, Yes, Warren Zevon, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Bon Jovi, and Cheap Trick, among others. NWA, Chic and The Spinners… really? You can check them out here, there are always a few valid ones,but I think you get the point:

Slipknot released another video from their album .5 The Gray Chapter. It’s called Custer and you can watch it here:

Pink Floyd posted a full song this week called Louder Than Words from their album, The Endless River, then they took it down. But you could have heard it for a few days. You may want try again on your own to look it up.

Supergroup, Rated X, have released their debut video.  The song is off of their self titled debut. This is called This Is Who I Am. I think it’s pretty good as far as new supergroups go. Check it out here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: This band’s name was derived from the movie Dragonslayer. Also some say they are called Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot. Who is the band?

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