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Music News For The Week Of September 13, 2015!

Ghost have released another song from their latest album, Meliora. The song is From The Pinnacle To The Pit. Watch it here

All star metal supergroup/project, Metal Allegiance, have released a new song featuring Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe. The song is called Gift Of Pain, off their self titled debut album out now. Watch it here

There is a new book on KISS, but it’s focus is the original line-ups’ solo albums that came out in 1978. The book is called: Gene, Ace, Peter & Paul. A Detailed Exploration Of The 1978 KISS Solo Albums. It came out September 18. You can order it here

Cassettes are about to make a huge comeback. Maybe because of the success of vinyl.  On October 17, it will be Cassette Store Day. Several bands have planned releases. You can get details for the U.S. here, U.K. here, Germany, here, Australia, here, and New Zealand, here

Breaking Benjamin have released another track from their current album, Dark Before The Dawn. The song is Angels Fall. You can listen to it here

Iron Maiden have announced the beginning of their Book Of Souls tour. You can get dates here

I was saddened to hear the news about the founder and guitarist of REO Speedwagon, Gary Richrath. He passed this week at the age of 65. He was a very underrated guitar player. Songs like Riding The Storm Out, 157 Riverside Avenue and albums like You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish and Hi Infidelity, were a great part of my youth. I have seen them live many times and will miss his playing. RIP, Gary!

Def Leppard released a new song on Soundcloud, via Rolling Stone Magazine. You can get it via their website. It’s from their yet to be released self titled album. The album is due out November 17. You can listen to the new song, Let’s Go, here

The Who cancelled their North American tour. The doctor told Roger Daltrey that he needed to rest. They are supposedly planning on rescheduling dates.

Soilwork have released a new video for their song, Enemies In Fidelity. It’s off their current album, The Ride Majestic. Check it out here.

Bad Seed Rising released, Carry On from their current EP, A place Called Home (out now). You can watch it here

Last week’s Rockucation question: Name the band that got into the Guinness Book Of Records for playing all 7 continents in the same calendar year. The answer comes to us from Ron R. Lariviere of North Providence, RI. The answer is Metallica.

Teenage Time Killers released another track off their debut album. This one features Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God. It’s called My War, a cover of Black Flag. Listen to it here

There are rockers supporting World Suicide Prevention Day. They are looking for your help. They have videos of various rock stars asking for it. You can learn and help out here

Rammstein released another trailer for their soon to be released DVD, In Amerika. It comes out on September 15. You can watch it here

Billy Gibbons released a video from his new album Perfectamundo, out on November 6. The new song is Treat Her Right and you can check it out  here He also announced a tour to support it here

The Scorpions will release the 50th anniversary of their Black Out album. Out on November 6th. They also put out a unreleased demo for the album called, Running For The Plane. Listen to it here.

Metallica have teamed up with Budweiser in Quebec for a limited edition beer. You can learn more about it here

Symphony X released European tour dates. You can get them here

Children Of Bodom released a new lyric video called I Hurt. It’s from their new album out on October 2nd titled, I Worship Chaos. You can watch the video here

You know I do reviews and takes, right? Look at the menu bar above and start reading and let me know what you think. Check out my latest, A Call To Action To Save Rock And Roll!!

Ugly Kid Joe have released a new single from their new album, Uglier Than They Used To Be, out on October 16. The song is called She’s Already Gone. Watch it here

My friend Bryan Kuntz, who runs the blog, This Ain’t The Summer Of Love, was nice enough to post some of my pictures from the Slash show in Providence, RI that I went to the other night. You can check out his blog and my photos, here

I came across this band called Broken Teeth out of Austin, Texas. They have a new album coming out October 23, called Bulldozer. Here is an older track to check out to see what you think. This one is called Flamethrower. Check it out here

Thirteen is the band I have been telling you about for a few weeks. Look at where they are now! New Hard Rock Magazine published its “Best 2015 Hard Rock Songs” list. The awesome list includes hard rock icons such as Five Finger Death Punch and new band that sounds like Black Sabbath and Guns n Roses on steroids called Thirteen. You can check out the entire list here and check out Thirteen here

Portuguese metallers, Moonspell, released a new song off their current album, Extinct. The song is Domina. You can check it out here

You definitely have to check out this band called Old Man’s Will. They are from Sweden and they are awesome. Just watch and listen to this video for Troubled Man. You have to hear the whole thing, There’s a lot happening in this song. I just want to say wow. Learn more about them here Check out the song here

Queensryche have streamed another new song this week called Hellfire. It’s off their soon to be released album, Condition Huma, out on October 2. Listen to it here

You should check out my friend’s radio show, Eric Gessner’s Now And Then. He does a great job, plays fantastic music and has great guests and interviews. You are really missing out if you don’t catch him. Here are the details: Radio show on KMUZ and featuring melodic hard rock to progressive rock, and everything in between. Hosted by Eric Gessner Thursdays 8-11 PM. Streaming live here

My final plug, last Friday, I added a New Release tab. Every Friday I will give that week’s releases and based on the feedback I receive (that’s why this will be a weekly feature), I will also add the following weeks with it. This will help you plan for it. Plus it ties into my call to action! Check it out, tell your friends, have them tell theirs and let’s rock this page!

This week’s Rockucation question:  Tom Morello, Iggy Pop and Mick Fleetwood appeared on what TV Series?

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