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Music News For The Week Of September 14, 2014!

Todd La Torre, singer of Queensryche has a new web site and he wants you to check it out and you can do that here:

Charm City Devils have released a new track called Tear It Apart off of their soon to be released album, Battles. It’s out on September 23rd. Listen to it here:

Here is a band out of Bergen, Norway called Audrey Horne, named after the Twin Peaks character. They have this cool video (especially the girl sporting a KISS T-shirt) and track for you to check out called Out Of The City. It’s on their soon to be released album ,Pure Heavy, out on September 26. Check it out here:

Amon Amarth have released a great video for their song Deceiver Of The Gods. It’s off of their new album of the same name. Check it out here:

Primus announced the Chocolate Factory Tour. You can get the dates here:

Super group Empty Hearts have released a new track from their self titled debut album. This one is called I Don’t Want Your Love (If You Don’t Want Me). Check it out here:

Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra) has a new song out that he would like you to check out. You can do that here:

Queen will release Queen Forever on November 10, along with their recently released Vodka. You can get drunk while you listen to Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson sing There Must Be More To Life Than This. It will be a 2 disc set.

Anvil released a new track from their recent album Hope In Hell. This one is Eat Your Words, watch it here:

Here is a new band out of Richmond, Virginia, called Iron Reagan. They have released a song called Miserable Failure from their album, The Tyranny Of Will. I’m not saying they are a great band or anything, but I did find the video entertaining. You can watch it here:

Rush has released a trailer for their new 40th anniversary box set. It’s called R40 and it comes out on November 11. You can watch teh trailer for it here:

KISS will be releasing a deluxe version of their 1977 album Love Gun. It will be a 2 CD set with unreleased demos, etc. The usual works that you get with these releases. It comes out on October 28. The liner notes feature Joe Elliott of Def Leppard. Is it a coincidence since they just opened for them? Hmmm.

Speaking of KISS, next month Gene Simmons will have a new reality show, called Coliseum. Where he plays the part of the Rock Caesar, where he gives bands the thumbs up or down sign. The show’s premise is that bands looking to make it have to impress Simmons and get mentored by him, and then get to play in front of a live audience. This is supposed to take place next month. No dates have been given.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: This week I would like to see if you can name at least 4 Rock/Metal artists/bands that hail from Ireland.  Most of you gave three, and some other artist or band that didn’t quite make the rock world, but here are a few that you could have named: U2, Thin Lizzy, The Answer, Van Morrison, Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly, The Cranberries (Borderline), Rory Gallagher, Them, and The Boomtown Rats, to name a few.

Yes have released a live video of Your Move/All Good People from their live DVD, Songs From Tsongas. Already out. You can watch it here:

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Here’s a band from Missouri that I just came across, Shaman’s Harvest. Check out their video, Dangerous! It’s from their album, Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns! Watch it here, you won’t be disappointed:

The Rolling Stones are releasing two live performances from 1975 and 1981, called From The Vault: Hampton Coliseum-Live In 1981 and from The Vault LA Forum-Live In 1975. The 1975 one will be released on November 17 and the 1981 will be released on November 3. They have released a video from each one. Here is Shattered from 1981: and here is Star Star (the boys use the appropriate name of the song as intended, Star Fucker) from 1975:

The Rolling Stones also announced that they are touring Australia and New Zealand in this trailer:

Here is a band out of California, you should all know, called Spiralarms. Yes they have been out for awhile but it’s never too late, as they say. Here is their track Exit 63 off their current album, Freedom. Watch the video here:

Megadeth released a previously unreleased video.  The song is Back In The Day, from the album The System Has Failed. Watch it here:

Foo Fighters have released a new trailer for the Sonic Highways show that comes out next month. Watch it here:

SIXX A.M. released a new video for their new album Modern Vintage called Stars, watch it here:

Rated X, yes another super group. This one consists of Joey Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) on vocals, Carmine Appice (way too many bands to list) on drums, Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, Firm) on bass, and Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley) on guitar. The album comes out on November 11. But you can let them tell you about it here:

Crobot released a new video called, Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer, from their soon to be released album, Something Supernatural. Out October 27th. Watch it here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: Which of these musicians was not a member of the Yardbirds, Jimmy Page, Ron Wood, Ben King, Eric Clapton, or Jeff Beck?

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