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Music News For the Week Of September 15, 2013!

The new one from Pearl Jam is out. This one is titled Sirens:

Kill Devil Hill, the super group that features Vinny Appice, will be releasing a new album called Revolution Rise on October 29th.

This is the new Dream Theater album that you can listen to for free.  The album is called Dream Theater. It comes out September 24th.  Let me know what you think of it.

A Loss For Words has a new album coming out in October called Before It Caves. But they released a lyric video for Conquest Of Mistakes that features Soupy (Dan Campbell from the Wonder Years). You can watch it here:

If you are in Mountain View, California on October 26th, you should attend the Bridge School benefit.  It’s organized by Neil Young. They just added Les Claypool from Primus to the list. But you can get more details on who is performing and donations to the Bridge School here:

Just a word to the wise. If a band you like is coming out with a new CD/DVD, etc., you should check out their websites or iTunes. Why you ask?  Because they offer special deluxe packages and give aways for pre-ordering it. You would be surprised at what some bands offer, things like autographs and bonus tracks and the like. Just another service I provide to my readers. As an example, check out Newbury Comics’ offer for pre-ordering Alter Bridge’s Fortress:

Here is a band that everyone should check out. They are a two piece, yes just two guys, and they have a great sound. They are the Graveltones and you can listen and check them out here:

Nightwish will be releasing a CD/DVD live record on November 29th called Showtime, Storytime. It’s from their live show at the 2013 Wacken festival.

You can now register for the new Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp. This time the headliner is Joe Perry. You can get more details here:

If you are into progressive rock and are looking for something new, you can check out this band called Big Big Train. Here is their song, Come On Make Some Noise. Ian Anderson may have some competition.  You can check it out here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: What album did Bryan David “Butch” Vig produce and was a diamond seller in sales? Added bonus what band was he in before he produced this record? He produced Nirvana’s Nevermind and he was the drummer for Garbage. The answer came to us from Evan Portno of Coventry, RI.

Rush will be releasing a live DVD called Clockwork Angels on November 18.  It’s over 3 hours long and supposed to cover their varied career. But based on the track listing, the only song they have from their 70’s catalog is 2112.  But the DVD will have extras and all the rest.

New Monster Magnet released. This one is called Mindless Ones from their up and coming album called Last Patrol. It comes out on October 18. You can listen to it here:

Is it me or does it seem like every rock band is now doing some kind of a rock cruise thing? Last I checked, there were at least eight. What happened to touring and doing appearances?

Thirty Second To Mars covered Rhianna’s Stay. Trust me, I am not a fan of Rhianna. But Jared Leo’s voice on this is amazing. You need to listen to it here:

There is a great new band out of Baltimore, Maryland. They have a new single called Coming Alive.  They have a new album coming out on October 23rd, called The Devil’s In The Details. You can hear their new single here: and if you would like to know more about them, you can check out their web site here:

If you are a Default fan, you may want to know that Dave Benedict (bass player) has formed a new band since Dallas Smith has gone country. The new band is Citizen’s Unite and you can check out their website here:

I have mentioned them in the past but I think you should revisit them. The band is 68-75. Listen to their song, Got A Feelin’. After that, like their FB page as they are trying to build a fan base. You won’t be disappointed. Here is the link:

Daughtry has a new single out on iTunes called Waiting For Superman. You can get it here:

The new Super Group Twilight Of The Gods released a lyric video for their song Children Of Cain. You can watch it here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: Name the guitarist who has played in the Scorpions and UFO, who also has a successful solo career.

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