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Music News For The Week Of September 20, 2012

Here is the new Soundgarden song called: Been Away Too Long. It’s for the soon to be released record: King Animal on November 13. Enjoy!

Aerosmith has announced the second leg of the Global Warming Tour. You can see dates here:

The Rolling Stones will be releasing a DVD on November 20th called 1975 to 1983: The Ronnie Wood Years, Part 1. As always, it will be packed with rare footage, etc.

Steven Adler’s new band called Adler, will be releasing their debut album on November 26. The name of it is Back From The Dead.

Kid Rock will be releasing his new record, Rebel Soul. It comes out on November 19. His first single, Let’s Ride, should be on the radio soon.

In case you care: Saigon Kick has reunited. Yes, they are all the original band members. If you were wondering what you may know them for, they had a hit single: Love Is On The Way.

Paul McCartney is releasing Live Kisses DVD, on November 13.

Because some of you care department: Slipknot DJ will be replacing Korn’s J Devil (Jonathan Davis) on Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s Twins Of Evil Tour. J Devil, if you were wondering, dropped out because of exhaustion from touring. The doctors made him do it.

The Beatles will be releasing a 16 LP limited edition box set on November 13. It’s called the Stereo Albums. It will include every official band track on 180g audiophile vinyl, UK track lists and original artwork. It will do all the other goodies as well, expanded booklets, rare photos, etc, You will also get a DVD containing mini documentaries.  No word on price as of yet.

Just after finishing a very successful Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tour, the band is feuding over continuous touring of the reunion. Mike Love owns the rights to the Beach Boys name and wants to continue without Brian Wilson, Al Jaradine etc. Fans have started a petition to stop this but nothing is resolved at this point. I think it’s sad, they came this far, to throw it all away again.

The word on the street is, and keep in mind that this is just a rumor, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden will co-headline this summer. This would be an awesome show. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one. It could be the event of the year.

Here is a tidbit for you. Linkin Park is the first rock band to reach one billion hits (yes you read that right) on YouTube. Now that is an achievement, considering bands that could have done it before them. Talk about a strong fan base or should I say support.

A few months after its release, The Cult are putting out a prequel to their recent album: Choice Of Weapon. It will be a digital release and only on iTunes. It will be available for only two months. It basically is the 10 songs on the CD during their development. I find it odd, that it comes so quickly after its initial release and I also hope it doesn’t start a new trend in the music business.

On November 7th at 11 pm Eastern, Asia will be broadcasting their live show from San Francisco on AXS TV and will feature many of their hits.

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