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Music News For The Week Of September 20, 2015!

Atreyu released a new song this week called Do You Know Who You Are? It’s off their just released Long Live album. Check out out here

Bullet For My Valentine is teaming up with Asking Alexandria for what they are calling the British Invasion North American Tour. Tour starts in February. Get dates here

Motor Sister released a new lyric video called, This Song Reminds Me Of You. It’s from their debut album, Ride. Check it out here

A new book on Bon Scott will be released on October 14. It is titled: Live Wire.

Metal Allegiance released a new song this week, a cover of Dio’s We Rock. It’s from their recently released self titled debut. You can check it out here

Going forward, I won’t be listing new releases in the report as a stand alone item. I have a New Release tab on the menu bar that gets updated every Friday. If the artist/band release a song or a video, I will continue to list the release date with it. But check out the New Release section and see this week’s and next week’s releases for your to seek your next purchase.

Joe Satriani announced Surfing To Shockwave 2016 Retrospective tour. You can get dates here

Black Dahlia Murder released a new song called Receipt, from their new album, Abysmal. Check it out here

Stryper released another track from their soon to be released album, Fallen, out on October 16. The new song is called Let There Be Light. Listen to it here

Grave Digger released a new video called Heavy Metal Breakdown. The new album is titled Exhumination – The Early Years. It comes out on October 23. You can watch the animated video here

Green Day released a trailer for their new documentary, Heart Like A Hand Grenade. The documentary comes out on October 15. Check it out here.

Candlebox is working on a new album and looking for your help on a Pledgemusic campaign. You get all the bells and whistles typically offered with these things, depending on how much you donate. They have some cool items, so check it out here

Last week’s Rockucation question:  Tom Morello, Iggy Pop and Mick Fleetwood appeared on what TV Series? The answer comes to us from Ron R. Lariviere of North Providence, RI. The answer is Star Trek The Next Generation.

Motorhead launched their own whiskey, you can order it here

Your PSA this week is that Bobby Blotzer now owns the rights to the Ratt name and is renaming his current band, Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience, to Ratt. He is also calling his tour the re-invasion tour. The rest of the original line up isn’t happy. But you can look into the tour, etc. Also bassist Juan Croucier started his version of a touring Ratt band. Yup, they are back for more.

Huntress released a new video for their song, Sorrow. Looks like it’s just in time for Halloween. It’s from their newly released album Static, out now. You can watch it here

KISS is releasing a Greatest Hits Live CD with the current line up and in a limited quantity. You can pre-order it here

Joel Hoekstra released a new single called Long For The Days, from his album, Joel Hoekstra’s 13, Dying to Live, out now. It features Russell Allen (Symphony X) on vocals. You can listen to it here

If you like 80’s rock, then you have to check out Grand Design. Here is their latest off their current album, Thrill Of The Night. The track is called Get Up N Love Someone. You can check it out here

Sevendust is streaming their new album for free. Kill The Flaw comes out on October 2nd but like I said, you can listen to it in its entirety here

Rammstein released another video from their newly released DVD, Rammstein In Amerika. This song is called Engel. Watch it here

Dave Navarro is giving up all his social media sites over the next few days. The only thing he is going to keep is his Twitter page, which is @davenavarro

Graveyard released a new video called Too Much Is Not Enough. It’s from their current album, Innocence And Decadence. You can watch it here

Asking Alexandria released a new song called Undivided. No new album listed or release of one. It features their new singer, Denis Shaforostov, from Make Me Famous. You can listen to it here

Here is another PSA, in case you missed it. Steven Tyler sang on the Nashville television season premier last week. He also did a song or something with Taylor Swift. Tyler living life back in the saddle. That is all.

AC/DC have teamed up with Aldi’s in Australia to launch their new beer, Rock Or Bust. It will be released on September 30th. You can watch for it here

Bad Marriage released a new song, no album info yet, but they gave us a new track. This one is called Ms. Outrageous. You can listen to it here

Texas Southern rockers, Whiskey D, released an excellent live version (right off the soundboard, no overdubs, pure live greatness) of the Allman Brothers’ Midnight Rider. You can watch and listen to it here Learn more about the band here

In case you haven’t been checking up on your Bruce Springsteen, he just released a live show from the Devil & Dust tour, in Ohio. You can get it and check out other releases here

Bassist Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine) has a new band called Wakrat. The band is still working on their debut album but have released the song, Knucklehead. Check it out here.

David Gilmour released the song Today from his current album, Rattle That Lock. You can watch it here

Autograph released a new single last week, Every Generation. No news about an album or anything, just the new song. You can listen to it on their site here

Palace Of The King released a new song this week off their album, White Bird-Burn The Sky. The song is No Chance In Hell. Watch it here

There is a petition to have the Grateful Dead play the Super Bowl halftime show. If you are interested, you can sign it here

I came across this band out of Venice, CA. They are called The Shrine. You may like them. Here is their song, Death To Invaders. They have a new album coming out on October 30, titled Rare Earth. You can check out the song here

This week’s Rockucation question: This artist has been around awhile and is still touring, but recently he played his 6,000th show. It is believed that he has played the most shows of any rock band or artist. Who is he?

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