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Music News For The Week Of September 6, 2015!

Big news this week for Ritchie Blackmore fans. In June he is doing four dates in Europe. No official dates given yet. He stated it will be members from both bands, but hasn’t revealed who they are.  Ghose bands are Deep Purple and Rainbow. Rumour has it he found a new singer, so whatever Joey Lynn Turner has been saying seems to be out of sync with Mr. Blackmore. Also happening soon is the release of a documentary called, The Ritchie Blackmore Story, which comes out on November 6. It will be 2 DVD/2 CD set. You can watch the trailer here

Philadelphia’s All Things That Rock festival has announced dates and line ups. You can get that info here

Napalm Death released a new video called How The Years Condemn. It’s from their current album, Apex Predator – Easy Meat. Check out the video here

The Hollywood Vampires have a new website to help promote their latest debut album. You can order and check out the site here

The Dead & Company, the new version of the Grateful Dead, have announced more dates and you can get them here

Bon Jovi has replaced Richie Sambora with Matt O’Ree, a New Jersey native. I don’t know much about him, but apparently he has some music out and has opened for a lot of headliners.

The Monkees, and yes I’m a huge fan of them and you should be too, are releasing their complete series on DVD. It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years. You can pre-order it here

In case you are wondering, I really do hate REM. Shut them up already.

Motorhead have released some sex toys. If you are interested, you can get them here

Girlschool, do you remember them? Well, they have a new album coming out called Guilty As Sin. It comes out November 13.

Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime has a new song out this week. It’s called Hearing Voices. It’s from their debut album titled The Key. The album is coming out on September 13. You can watch it here

Last week’s Rockucation question: David Bowie had a hit with his version of Dancing In The Street. Who did he sing it with? The answer comes to us from Ronald R. Lariviere of North Providence, RI. The answer is Mick Jagger.

A young band from the U.K. called Parasight have a real cool classic rock vibe about them. You can hear their new song, Shattered Glass, here You can also check out a fan filmed video of them playing Bring The Party live, here. You can also check out their website for more info here

This is more of an informative thing, but if you have AXS TV, you should check out the Big Interview. It features Dan Rather giving a pretty in depth interview of some of the greatest stars in the music business. You should catch some of the past episodes. Here is the link to it here

ELO have released a video from their soon to be released DVD called Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Live In Hyde Park. It came out September 11. It also includes the documentary Mr. Blue Sky. Check out the video by the same name here. In case you missed, they are making new music and will be touring.

I will admit, I was disappointed in seeing Europe doing a Geico commercial. I know they have to make money but…..

Eric Clapton is releasing a film called Slowhand At 70. It comes out on September 14. He released Cocaine from that show, you can watch here

Keith Richards has released a trailer for his new documentary, Under The Influence. It comes out September 18. Maybe that is the reason he is trashing bands like Sabbath, Metallica and the Grateful Dead. Anyway here is the trailer for it here

Tremonti released European dates, you can get them here

The Faces did the reunion benefit show. I hope it was enough to convince them they should tour. But at least it was filmed. Here is them doing I’m Losing You. Check it out here

Chris Cornell has released a new video for his song, Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart. It’s from his soon to be released solo album, Higher Truth. You can check out the video here

You can check out my latest guest blog here

Here’s your PSA this week: The Muse have announced tour dates. That is all.

Frank Zappa (Not his son Dweezil playing him, but the actual Frank Zappa)will be releasing a never before released concert film. It comes out on October 30. It’s is titled, Frank Zappa Roxy: The Movie. You can watch the trailer here

Manowar have announced dates for their Gods And Kings tour. You can get them here

Slayer have released a video for their title track from their current new album, Relentless. Watch it here

Have you checked out Rock Candy Records? You should. They re-release classic albums. This week it was Ratt. Check out the site here

Shinedown are streaming a new song this week called Outcast. It’s from their soon to be released album, Threat To Survival. It comes out on September 18. Listen to the new song here

Billy Gibbons solo album, Perfectamundo, was planned to be released on October 23. It has been pushed back to sometime in November.

Killing Joke released a new lyric video for their song, I Am The Virus. It’s from their forthcoming album, Pylon. It comes out on October 13. Watch the lyric video here

Stratovarius released another track this week called My Eternal Dream from their latest release, Eternal. Check it out here

Of Mice And Men have released another track this week called Never Giving Up. It’s from their current album, Restoring Force: Full Circle. Listen to it here

Tank have a new album coming out September 25, called Valley Of Tears. Here is their latest track, which I really like, called Make A Little Time. Check it out here

Supergroup Flying Colors are releasing a multi-format DVD/CD/MP3/iTunes/Pono and others of their concert in Switzerland. It is called, Second Flight: Live At The 27, out on November 13. Here is the trailer for it here

This week’s Rockucation question: Name the band that got into the Guinness Book Of Records for playing all 7 continents in the same calendar year.

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