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Myles Kennedy Releases An Intimate Ballad “Love Rain Down”!

Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge/Slash) will be releasing his second solo album on May 14th titled “The Ides Of March”. You can pre-order it here. The fourth single from the forthcoming record is Love Rain Down. A ballad of longing and reflection, with words like this;

“There’s a craving that will never come to pass There’s a hunger that will never cease to last There’s an aching that lies deep within my soul For the promise that someday I could be whole”

Now that’s how you describe pain in your heart, very poetic. The the thing I love about this is Kennedy’s voice. Yes, he has a great voice, but the way he sings this is very emotional and soft, not a side you hear from hem everyday. This is more in the vain of Alter Bridge’s Watch Over You. This one isn’t going to rock you but it will take you on a heartfelt journey. There is n video but a stream of the track. Check it out below.

#IdesOfMarch #LoveRainDown #MylesKennedy

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