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Myles Kennedy Releases Warning With New Single “Get Along”!

Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash) will be releasing his second solo album, which comes out on May 14th titled “Ides Of March”. You can pre-order a copy here. The third single from the forthcoming album is Get Along. Let’s just start with anything time Kennedy puts out something the world is a better place. The song starts out well enough with a nice riff and a really cool drum beat. There are some nice changes within the track as well as some vocal aspects that make it much better. I will admit I was expecting more form the guitar solo but still it’s not a bad one.

Kennedy seems to be warning us on two levels, one message with the lyrics, the other with the animation in the video. First up he is asking us to stop being divided, don’t let politics get in the way, when you hear the following words;

“With empty words we keep on fighting We’re only getting weaker Cause we’re too headstrong When there is no real way of deciding Who’s right or wrong

Why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t we all just get along?

You’re either ignorant or blind”

It’s pretty clear, right? stop arguing, you will never prove if you are right or wrong. Kennedy nails it. You can relate to it anyway you like, but it make sense that it’s what’s going on politically with everyone today. The animated video on the other hand takes on the environment and pollution and how it affects the earth and wildlife. It’s well done. You can check it out below.

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