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Naked Gypsy Queens Release Their Debut EP “Georgiana”!

Naked Gypsy Queens

The Naked Gypsy Queens hail from Tennessee and this four piece band takes on a journey that makes you think you time traveled to the seventies. If you aren’t familiar with them, then let me introduce you to what the future of rock n’ roll is. These guys are the real deal. Blues infused rock that will literally make you rethink that rock is dead theory. This five song debut EP is exactly what you needed and didn’t realize you wanted. 

The band consists of Chris Attigliato (Lead Singer/Guitarist), Cade Pickering (Guitar), Bo Howard (Bass) and Landon Herring (Drums). I’m sure once you listen to the record you will and want to get to know who they are. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you their website. Follow them here. Now let’s dive into this gem. The first song is the title track Georgiana and what an opener. From the first chord to when the drums kick in, you know you’re in for an eargasmic trip. Attigliato sets the tone with his powerful vocals and his voice commands you pay attention. The song does maintain your interest. There are some great things they do here, in middle of the song you get to a point where the music stops and builds back up where it takes it to another level. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the guitar solo comes in and well, let’s just say it will make your mouth water. This is a great energetic opener for the album.

Down To The Devil is up next and keeps the hard hitting style set by the opener. As I stated you get a heavy seventies vibe from the band, You can hear their influences and yet they combine it in a way that it’s modern and unique. Once again, I bring your attention to the guitar solo, because this boy can play. As this band matures, I’m sure he will be listed as one of this generation’s greats. Time will tell, but I would bet on it. This has all the angst you would want in a rocking number. You can feel the attitude coming through the whole track. A definite to add on your playlist.

Next up is Strawberry Blonde #24. This is very bluesy and not as fast and edgy as the previous tracks. But it’s a nice change and it gives you pause to show you what these guys can really offer. Howard’s bass combined with Herring’s drums really makes this song stand out. I feel it actually is what gives this track the moody vibe that it has. It compliments both Attigliato and Pickering’s guitar work well.

Wolves, the next one up, slows things down.  It’s a different sound and style all together.  A real pleasant surprise as it just shows how versatile this quartet is. I believe this to be the sleeper on the album. This will grow on you and probably won’t get the attention it deserves. This may be slightly slower but in no way is this a softer sound. It does kick it up a notch throughout the song, it’s just not as heavy as some of the others. This is just a diverse and well designed number.

To close out the EP you get If Your Name Is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam). It is a hard edged ballad. Upon hearing it, you will think you were listening to something you just discovered from the past. The joy of it is that it’s not and it’s a great take on a vintage sound.  I know when you start listening to it you won’t be able to pull yourself away, you need to hear it to its end. The guitar solo is the league of something like a Stairway To Heaven style. At least to me it has that feel to it. I think you will agree that these guys are true up and comers. My understanding is the title was inspired by a quote from Daniel Day Lewis’s character in the movie, Gangs Of New York.

I know this band will be on my must watch list and will be looking forward to their future recordings and i hope to see them live one day. This is a very strong debut and a must on anyone who loves classic rock with a new unique and fresh take. Check out their song If Your Name Is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam below.

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