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Nazareth Releases Killer New Single “Runaway”!

Nazareth has a new album coming out on April 15th titled “Surviving The Law”. You can pre-order it here. The new single is Runaway. This is a very metal sounding track. Less rock more heavy sounding from a band that isn’t known for it. I really like it. I want to say, new frontman Carl Sentance has bought that element to the group. This has a quick pace and cool riffs. Jimmy Murrison does some shredding that adds to the mystique of a metal song. I find their new sound refreshing and energetic. Once agin it entices me to want to check out the new record. We get a lyric video with various scenes on running away. Check it out below.

#Nazareth #Runaway #SurvivingTheLaw

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