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Neil Young Releases Acoustic Version Of “Wonderin'”!

Neil Young will be celebrating his 50th anniversary of his 1970 album “After The Gold Rush” reissue on December 11th. You can pre-order it here. Wonderin’ is the unreleased version of the song that was supposed to be featured on the “After The Gold Rush” but it never made the cut instead it was released years later 1983 album “Everybody Is Rockin'”. The song will also appeal on his vinyl box set later in 2021. I going to come out right away and say this is much better than the 1983 version. I liked that but love this. It’s perfect Young. I also like that it maintained the up tempo which isn’t part of his usual style. Not sure why it didn’t make it back in 1970 but it should have. The video is great because you get to see some pretty cool pics of Young. Check it out below.

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