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Neil Young Releases “Homefires” And It Will Make You Feel Nostalgic!

Neil Young has a new box set coming out on November 20th titled “Archives Volume II: 1972-1976”. You can pre-order it here. Homefires is another unreleased track and bonus from the archives set and the second single from it. Man, listening to Young sing, play the acoustic and the harmonica is like putting me in a time capsule and throwing me back to when I was a younger man. He really sets a mood when you play his music. But I really love the harmonica playing. A very underrated instrument in my opinion. He is a master of it.

Of course you can’t enjoy Young’s music with out paying attention to the lyrics. When you hear him sing the following;

“I’m free to give my love, But you’re not the one I’m thinking of, So for me the wheels are turning Got to keep the homefires burning.”

That one verse says so much and covers a lot of emotion. I mean when you read them it is even more potent. I certainly lived those words at one time or another. Another reason that I go back to my youth with this one. I guess the only thing I can say is the song is too short at 2:41. The video is fantastic and also will long for your past. Check it out below.

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