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New Blackberry Smoke, Finally! Check Out “Flesh And Bone”!

Blackberry Smoke has a new album coming out on April 6th called “Find A Light”. The first single is Flesh And Bone. The new track is a bit heavier than usual for them but still maintains their southern sound. Lyrically the song is strong and meaningful in the way the Charlie Starr (Singer, Guitar) can only write and deliver. Check out the following lyrics;

“It’s a curse or a blessing, Oh, sometimes I can’t tell, Is it just like they teach us, That will send you to hell”

I think Starr is a master lyricist and tells a story that you can relate to. I am continually impressed how this band continues to grow and stays fresh. The song has a nice edge to it and keeps your attention. Check it out below.

#BlackberrySmoke #CharlieStarr #FindALight #FleshAndBone

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