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New Bon Jovi

In a recent interview, David Lee Roth stated that he wanted to do a real reunion with Van Halen, which would include Michael Anthony and how his voice is missed in the band. He also stated he was disappointed that he and Eddie haven’t written any new material. They have a couple of tour dates they are committed to but he isn’t happy they haven’t continued touring and would like to do some festivals and hit the rest of the world. Based on this, it sounds like the typical Van Halen trouble that always brews. You may or may not get to see them again. But David isn’t waiting, he is working on new music with John 5 and a Broadway show.  Wolfie is touring with Tremonti, Eddie is promoting his EVH Brand and that doesn’t sound like anything is going to happen in the VH camp anytime soon.

Rocklohoma announced dates and the line up.  You can find out more details here:

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt will release his autobiography: Sex, Drugs, Ratt And Roll: My Life In Rock. It comes out on May 7th.

HIM has set a new album release date of April 30 for Tears On Tape. They will be touring in Europe through the summer starting in June.

Last week’s Rockucation was: The band was founded by this musician and on it’s debut record he recorded and wrote the whole album himself. Name the musician and the band and the album. Here is a hint, he is a grunge rocker.  This week’s answer comes from Evan Portno of Coventry , RI. Answer is: Founded by David Grohl, the band was Foo Fighters and the album was the debut, Foo Fighters.

Alice In Chains announced their new album title called: The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. It will be out in May.

Muse will be streaming their Brit Awards concert for the benefit of War Child’s 20th Anniversary.  It will air on February 18 at 4pm eastern. You can get more details here:

Megadeth says their new record will be released in June, it’s called Super Collider.

The Down have announced a release of an EP titled: Down IV Part 1. It will have 6 tracks and be released on February 26. They are doing a short mini tour before they launch a headline tour in May. You can see more info and dates here:

The Union released their new one, The World Is Yours, on February 11th.

Brian May and Tony Iommi will be making a record together, no name or date released yet.

Scott Weiland is doing a solo tour called Purple At The Core. Yes he will be doing material from both those Stone Temple Pilot albums. He will also do Velvet Revolver songs as well.  The tour starts March 1st, you can get the dates here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: This band has had 8 lead singers. They are now back with the original singer and recording a new album and planning a tour.  Can you name the band and at least 4 of their singers?  The band is from England.

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