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New George Harrison Unreleased Demo “Cosmic Empire”!

George Harrison (The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys) has a new song out for the 50th anniversary of his “All Things Must Pass” album. It will be released on August 6th. You can pre-order it here. Cosmic Empire is a previously unreleased demo from the album. One of many that will be pat of the box set. The song features Harrison on acoustic. Musically I like the tune, but I have to say the vocals our terrible. I don’t like them at all. He is hard to understand. But I do like the acoustic. I will say this has peaked my interest to hear the other material (Unreleased, remixes) on this record.The video one is a animated one. I don’t think it really adds anything but you get that psychedelic vibe from it. Check it out below.

#AllThingsMustPass #CosmicEmpire #GeorgeHarrison

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