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New Million Dollar Reload

Santana announced that the original line up will get together and record and probably tour. In case you were wondering why this may be important, I will tell you. Santana had a spin off called Journey and guess what, Neal Schon and Greg Rollie will be doing it again with Carlos. The other members are Mike Carabello and Michael Shrieve.

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival continues to announce more bands to the line ups. You can get tickets and details here:

Speaking of original line ups, Heart will reunite with their original band for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Something you definitely want to check out and hope that it will spark a reunion tour. At least I think that would be cool.

You can listen to the new Buckcherry album Confessions here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: This band has had 8 lead singers. They are now back with the original singer and recording a new album and planning a tour. Can you name the band and at least 4 of their singers? The band is from England. The answer was given to us from Duane from Warwick, RI. He answered with the correct band, which is Black Sabbath. The four singers he named were: Ozzy, Dio, Gillan and Martin. You could have also added, David Donato, Glenn Hughes, Dave Walker and Ron Keel (in namesake for 3 days). Jeff Fenholt would be but he really did Tony’s solo album, not a real Black Sabbath.

Suicidal Tendencies will be releasing their new record on March 13. No title ye, but the tour is called the Slam City tour and you can find more info here: Also watch for a special announcement on their website.

The Midwest Rock And Roll Express is on tour again this year. It still features Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon and Styx. I saw this last year. If you like their music, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I was hoping they would add Night Ranger so I could maybe get a Damn Yankees reunion. But I guess I have to wait for that one.

I am getting a lot of input on “why I don’t do a lot of underground metal.” I do occasionally put something on here that I like, some are suggestions and some I just checked out on my own. But my thought is, there is a reason why it’s underground and aptly titled as such. You can disagree, but that’s my take on that.

Saving Abel are negotiating offers for a tour this summer, stay tuned. But in other news their new album Black Out The Sun will be out on March 26th.

In the Australian version of the TV show 60 Minutes, Robert Plant eluded that he had nothing planned for 2014. That being said, everyone seems to think there will be a Led Zeppelin reunion. Now, I hope it will happen. I pray that it will happen. I want it to happen. Need I say more?

Steven Adler is touring. You can get his tour dates here:

Machine Head and bassist Adam Duce have split and apparently it’s on good terms. They aren’t going to replace him just yet but will tour as a three piece for now.

Slayer has apparently fired Dave Lombardo. He claims he is being ripped off, the band wanted to put a gag order on him and he refused to sign. The Australian dates will feature Jon Ditte on drums. Dave Lombardo was out of the band in 1992 so he could spend time with his pregnant wife at the time.

Ok, you asked if I could just put the link to my Facebook page instead of you searching for it, so here it is: Remember now to share and tell everyone to “like” it and help the page grow in numbers. Thanks for the support.

For those of you who are catching Fleetwood Mac live this year, know that they will be playing new music, even though they haven’t released any. They are looking for fan reactions to see how it goes. My take is, it will go over badly. But on the bright side, if they do release it eventually, you can say you were the reason why it made the record.

I know you care so I will tell you. Steel Panther is making a new album. Yup, you’re in the know now.

Rockstar Mayhem Festival will be announcing bands for the tour soon. But rumor has it, the following bands are supposed to be on it: Lamb Of God (depending on Blythe’s court outcome), Megadeth, Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Children Of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust and All That Remains, to name just a few.

The band Ghost has to change its name in their tour of the U.S. They will be called Ghost B.C. They cite legal reasons. Ghost also have a record coming out on April 9, titled: Infestissumam. Get dates here:

Seems like cruises are the big next new venue for bands. Here is yet another one. This cruise is called the Simple Man Cruise and features Lynyrd Skynyrd. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Just a reminder that the 2nd annual Allman Brothers; Peach Musical Festival is on sale for Friday August 15th through August 18th. You can get tickets and more info here:

Skid Row will release their new record; United World Rebellion-Chapter one on April 16, with a tour to follow.

Taddy Porter’s new record Stay Golden will be out this Tuesday, make sure you get a copy.

This week’s Rockucation question is; This singer was known as the Lizard King and Mr. Mojo Rising. Who is the singer and what band did he sing for?

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