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Alan Parsons Symphonic Project– Alan Parsons Symphonic Project- Live In Colombia (Vinyl) Castrator – Defiled In Oblivion Danzig- Velour (Vinyl) David Bowie- A Reality Tour (Vinyl) Fame On Fire – Welcome To The Chaos Fleetwood Mac– Madison Blues (Vinyl) Hall and Oates- Earl’s Closet: The Lost Archive of Earl McGrath, 1970-1980 Hatriot – The Vale Of Shadows Head First- Head First (Vinyl) House Of Pain- House Of Pain Fine Malt Lyrics 30 Years (Vinyl) Iggy & Stooges- Scene Of The Crime (Vinyl) Imperial Triumphant – Spirit Of Ecstasy Jack White – Entering Heaven Alive James Labrie- Impermanent Resonance (Vinyl) Karl Sanders – Saurian Apocalypse Lessmann Voss – Rock Is Our Religion Motley Crue- Shout At The Devil, Dr. Feelgood, Theater Of Pain, Girls, Girls, Girls, Too Fast For Love (Vinyl) Muddy Waters- Live At Rockpalast (Vinyl) Nebula – Transmissions From Mothership Earth Nicolas Cage Fighter – The Bones That Grew From Pain Palisades – Reaching Hypercritical Paul Weller- 22 Dreans (Vinyl) Sinner- Brotherhood (Vinyl) Slipknot- .5 The Gray Chapter (Vinyl) Spacewalk- Tribute To Ace Frehley (Vinyl) Spite – Dedication To Flesh Sponge- Rotting Pinata (Vinyl) Ted Nugent- Free For All (Vinyl) The Archies- Archies (Vinyl) The Rolling Stones- Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (Vinyl) UFO – High Stakes And Dangerous Men/Lights Out In Tokyo (Re-Release) Wake – Thought Form Descent Warren Zevon- Excitable Boy (Vinyl) Witchery- Nightside (Vinyl) Yes- Beyond And Before: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970 ZZ Top – Raw


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