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New Steel Panther Single “Wrong Side of the Tracks (Out in Beverley Hills)”!

Steel Panther have released another song from their current album “Lower The Bar”. The latest is Wrong Side of the Tracks (Out in Beverley Hills). The song is typical of Steel Panther. Tongue in cheek raunchy humor. It’s what I love about this band. Check out these lyrics from the song:

I got a twenty-year-old wife and she’s eager to please But she made me throw away my Dokken CD’s I got surround sound running through the whole damn house And some Dokken’s getting cranked Just as soon as I figure the Bluetooth out

It’s funny and relatable. The video is done in animation and does well with the song. Check it out below.

#LowerTheBar #SteelPanther #WrongSideoftheTracksOutinBeverleyHills

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