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New Supergroup The End Machine Release “Alive Today”!

The End Machine has their new self-titled debut album coming out on March 22nd. You can pre-order it here. The band features the classic Dokken lineup if George Lynch on guitar, Jeff Pilson on bass and Mick Brown on drums. The band is fronted by Robert Mason of Warrant. Looks like the guys from Dokken are pulling a Creed move here, where that band replaced singer Scott Stapp and replaced him with Myles Kennedy and became Alter Bridge. Dokken replaced Don Dokken with Robert Mason to become The End Machine. Keep in mind that I am not comparing Kennedy with Mason, far from it. Just saying the similarities of the two and both have distinct sounds from their original lineups.

The song Alive today is pretty solid. The guitar solo from Lynch is always impressive and it’s nice to see Mason change things up and free from  the Warrant style he does so well.. The best part of the song for me is the harmonies and Pilson’s bass line. They just seem to grab me. The video shows the band performing the song and is done very well. Check it out below.

#Alivetoday #Dokken #TheEndMachine

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