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New Trawl EP “Shark Piñata” Will Blow You Away. A Must Listen!



Shark Piñata

   Track List                                                                Band Members

1- Ghost Pepper Cantina                                                  Sean Matthews- Vocals

2- Requiem (With Teeth)                           Seth McClellan – Bass, Backing Vocals

3- No Escape                                                                      Gary Marston – Drums

4- Running Home                                                                  Justin Patry – Guitars

5- End Of The Tunnel

 Mastered By:                                                          Artist Website:

Pat Keene                                         

Before we jump into this musical journey, we need to stop and admire the cover art. The color and the design are genius. I think it’s well thought out and fits perfectly with the band’s theme. You need to know that the art was done by Atom Handal and the graphic design was done by bassist Seth McCellan. Something this well thought out should be appreciated.

The opening track is Ghost Pepper Cantina. The song starts off with a Spanish influenced guitar intro and one might think it’s going to be a softer type of track, but it kicks in with a hard driving riff and rhythm section. Sean Mathews’s vocals are very unique in the style that he chose to deliver the lyrics. The track has a great joam section that really highlights the talent these guys have. All those elements combined make this a great song to introduce you to the EP.

This next song Requiem (With Teeth) is my favorite of the record. This song has some type of hold on me. From the moment Matthews shouts “C’mon” I knew I was going to be in for a musical treat. This song has the angst that you want from a real rocking number. There a number of things in this song that stand out to me is awesome, like Justin Patry’s guitar work. He does several different things throughout it. The parts where Matthews sings over the rhythm section of Seth McCellan on bass and Gary Marston on drums. Those two are a force to be dealt with and I’m sure by the end of this EP you will think of them as masters at what they do.

The third track and lead single from the record is No Escape. I had reviewed the single when it came out but I will put my view of it in the context of this review. This one has a great slow groove and catchy riffs with a perfect vocal by Matthews. You will want to play this one over and over again. You’ll probably share this one with your friends. No one will be disappointed by hearing this. They will want to know who it is and how they get a copy. It;s that good

Now that brings us to the fourth song Running Home. This song should be the next single from the group. For the people who think or feel rock is dead, well they just need to hear this and they will think differently. The energy and drive of this song is crank worthy. If this doesn’t get your blood pumping, nothing will. This is rock as it’s supposed to be.

Now we come to the record’s closing number, As per my normal review I usually leave a song or two for your own discovery, but considering this is an EP you get one and it’s this one. End Of The Tunnel.

Finally, I would say you get one hell of a rocking ride in this EP. I think I would be remiss not to mention how cool it is that the band jams in each of their songs. It’s refreshing to hear them and how well they are done. The bittersweet things about this record is it’s twenty minutes long. But it’s a brilliant and those twenty minutes are pure gold. You will want to add this EP to your collection.

Songs to check out are Ghost Pepper Cantina,Requiem (With Teeth) and Running Home

Check out their single No Escape below.

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