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New Voodoo Six

Megadeth is going to have a guest singer for their new record. David Mustaine asked fans on his Facebook page if they had any suggestions. If you have any, you may want to visit his page and tell him.

Metallica has teamed up with the San Francisco Giants and will be singing the National Anthem at the home opener on May 3. They will also throw out the first pitch and for a limited time they will have SF/Metallica hats to purchase, where the money goes towards a charity.

Dream  Theater has released a trailer on their new DVD: Live at Luna Park. You can see it here:

Reg Pressley of the Troggs died on Feb 4th at the age of 71 with lung cancer. An interesting tidbit is that Wild Thing was the first rock song ever covered. It’s only second to the Beatles Yesterday as the most covered song in the world.

Did you know I had a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. Ok Just checking.

Last weeks Rockucation question was: What was Jimi Hendrix’s real name? The answer is; Johnny Allen Hendrix. Rich Aubin of Jackson, NJ sent that one in. For those of you who thought it was James Marshall Hendrix, you would be right as well, but that was the name his father changed his name to after Jimi’s brother died. He also changed his name many times as he played with the likes of Little Richard , Wilson Pickett and Same Cooke just to name a few.

Van Halen will be releasing a box set on March 26th . A 6 CD set limited edition called; Van Halen; The Studio Albums 1978-1984. Nothing special.  They are remastered. I had thought they were going to do a vinyl set but I thought wrong. Very boring box set. They should have made something special with it.

Steven Tyler and Mick Fleetwood, who live in Hawaii are pushing a bill to limit paparazzi taking pictures and invading their privacy.  You can read the bill here:

Guitarist John Sykes (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and Blue Murder), will be releasing a new record this year. He has recorded over 30 tracks for it but no date or title as of yet. This will be his fifth solo record.

In case you track these things, Van Halen turns 35 years old this week.

Motley Crue will be making an album, even though Vince Neil didn’t think so. But he did say that is what he is being told. If you read between the lines that means he is a hired hand and not a full fledged member. Nikki stated  that their maybe a Farewell Tour in the near future. You know what that means, right? A reunion tour 5 years later.

Airbourne will be releasing a new record on May 21st called Black Dog Barking.

There will be a new KISS book out on August 20, called: Nothin’ To Lose: The Making Of KISS (1972-1975). It is written by Ken Sharp and Gene Simmons.

Rod Stewart had to push back his Live Life tour from the Spring to the Fall (October).  Based on him making his first original record in twenty years. Apparently living life means you can put it on hold.

This weeks Rockucation question is: The band was founded by this musician and on it’s debut record he recorded and wrote the whole album himself (he played all the instruments). Name the musician and the band and the album. Here is a hint, he is a grunge rocker.

Speaking of KISS, they have been announced as the halftime entertainment for the Arena League Super Bowl on August 20, in Orlando, Fla. You have to admit that’s better than Beyonce.

In the in case you care department: Billy Joel said he will no longer tour.

Slash released a new video for Anastasia and let me tell you if you haven’t heard this song before you are missing out. Check it out here:

Remember to support live music. Go to a club today! \\m//

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