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New Years Day Releases Official Video For “Skeletons”!

  New Years Day has put out the official video for their recent single Skeletons from their current album “Unbreakable”. You can see my original review back in February when they released it. You can read that here. The song is a radio edit version and a new mix of the song as well. Which will be available tomorrow. Ash Costello says this about the video;

“Hey guys! Ash here!!!! Thank you for all the love!!! These are tough times, but we wanted to put out what we could! The band members are spread out all over the country and traveling is tough right now , but they were supportive of me going ahead and trying to give this song a visual! We had to depart from our usual epic storylines for now, but trust me, when the pandemic is over, OH ITS BACK ON BABY!!!!”

Costello does a great job in the video, it’s sexy and fun. It rocks and you can check it out below.

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