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Night Ranger Releases Rocking New Single “Bring It All Home To Me”!

Night Ranger has a new album coming out on August 6th titled “A.T.B.P.O.”. The acronym stands for And The Band Played On. You can pre-order it here. The latest single from it is Bring It All Home To Me. If you looking for a throw back to the eighties, this is for you. Catchy chorus, cool riffs and all. Jack Blades is the hero of this song. His vocals are amazing and really stands out on this one. I really like when he sings over just the guitar. That’s not to say Brad Gillis’s guitar solo isn’t any good, it is. But Blades really impressed me on this one.

The video is the guys playing at a drive in. Performance is always a good thing, but when you see Blades playing and singing, he really brings the sing ti love. The rest of band gets highlighted as well, but again Blades steals the show. Check it out below.

#ATBPO #BringItAllHomeToMe #NightRanger

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