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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Release A New Hopeful Single "Easy Now"!

Noel Gallagher's (Oasis) High Flying Birds has a new album coming out on June 2nd titled "Council Skies". You can pre-order it here. The lead single is Easy Now. I have been a fan of his solo material but this is the first time I have said this, the song has a very heavy Beatles influence. This doesn't make it bad, it just shows he has embraced his influences. Musically, I don't think the track will blow you away, but it does make you want listen to it. If anything, you know Gallagher always writes thought provoking lyrics, like these;

"Rainy eyes Always be prepared to see through everybody’s lies

Soon your future will appear

There’s nothing left for you to fear"

The verse's theme is no matter what you are going through you, there is hope in the end. I think that's a pretty good message for society to hear today. Gallagher always gives you food for thought in his music. Something I enjoy. He always paints a picture or tells a great story. This one is no different.

The video stars Milly Alcock. You might know her from the HBO series, House Of The Dragon. Alcock brings the words to life with her actions. Watching her act as you hear the lyrics really gives the words a deeper meaning in my opinion. You might see it differently, but I think it's worth a watch and a listen. Check it out below.

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