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Nonpoint Release New Single "A Million Watts"!

Nonpoint will be releasing a new EP titled "Heartless". Due out on November 17th, you can pre-order it here. The third single from the record is A Million Watts. This song has all the swagger and attitude you would be looking for in a rock track. One might say it has a anthemic vibe to it. I the opening line in the second verse sums it up perfectly;

"I'm a badass, go and look it up"

Musically it backs up those very words, the song is badass. You'll be jamming along in no time to this one. The song is catchy and a hard driving rock number. One of the things I think has a nice impact at about two minutes in, everything stops. I thought that a nice brilliant thing do and then comes back kicking it up a a notch. You can see how all this comes together in fruition in the video. The video is entertaining and really gives you an idea how this song will go over live. Check it out below.

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