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One Time Mountain Announces Seasons CD Release Show On July 15, 2017!

One Time Mountain is releasing their debut full-length album “Seasons” on July 15th, available on all major digital media distributors along with a limited run of CDs which can be purchased at their release show July 15th at Gemstones/The Blue Shamrock in Lowell, MA.

The show is expected to sell out and the band is extremely happy to have The IV (you can check out the band’s Facebook page here.), and Taken (you can check out the their Facebook page here.), open the night up to complete the holy trifecta of a great local music lineup. Tickets will be on sale soon. To find out when and to stay up to date – follow One Time Mountain on Facebook here..

This is a must see event! If you can make it, you should. I will be there. I am so looking forward to getting a full album from these guys. I personally haven’t stopped listening to them. I have a feeling the band isn’t going to be local for long. That aside, you get two guest acts to fill out the bill. Nothing like supporting your artists on their way to the top. Below are two of the latest videos from One Time Mountain, just to give you an idea of what they bring to the table. Seasons ( the title track), is the first video and Mistaken is the second.

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