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One Time Mountain CD Release Show Review!

  One Time Mountain released their latest and their fourth album “Seasons” on July 15th, at Gemstones in Lowell, MA. The place was sold out!  I was fortunate enough to be invited and was honored that I could be there. The show featured two Boston based acts and one from New Jersey. I’m not going to spend much time on them as this is about One Time Mountain. I will say they all rocked the house, and well worth your time looking into. The first band was called The IV and you can learn more about them here. The next in the lineup was Taken and you can get more info on them here. The group from New Jersey, One Hundred Thousand closed out the show. You can get details on them here. You would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t at least take the time and check them out.

The evening was hosted by Gerg Anidem. He owns his own radio station. Gerg Anidem promotes and plays the music of various artists and bands from the local area to the international level. You should definitely tune into his broadcast, Indie Scene Radio. You can do that here. He did a great job hosting and keeping the crowd pumped for the main event of the evening for One Time Mountain. He also made sure you knew who every band was before and after their set. He also gave shout outs to the local media that was present, he’s a real pro. Also in the audience, you had Max Bowen from WEMF Radio, you can tune in here. Wayne Benson from Boston Rock Radio, you can also check him out here. Wayne Benson was streaming the show live and both and Max Bowen were interviewing bands and talking to others in the crowd. I even managed to get on the air with them. If you are a band or artist and want some exposure, you might want to reach out to these guys. They made CD release party that much more exciting and special. I thank them for their time with me as well. Yes, even members on One Time Mountain were on air. I hope I am painting a great picture for you. The show hit on all cylinders! You had top notch bands, a great host, a ton of local media, myself included. A sold out crowd and to top it off you had a CD release. Now that’s how you spend a Saturday night. First up, let me introduce you to the band:

Alex Nekrylau – Vocals Brian Murphy – Back up Vocals, Guitars Matt Valliere– Drums Jeff Blute– Rhythm Guitar

The new album “Seasons” has eleven songs on it, nine of them made it to the setlist, which also included two from their debut album “Window Shaded” and one from their third album, “No Reputation”. Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything from their “Unburied” album. The band showcased the new album as they should and highlighted some of their past songs for long time fans. That was a very cool thing to do on behalf of the band to their fans.

They opened the set with an intro backtrack then kicked in with the opening track of the album, Rock And Roll (More Alive Than You), which set the tone for the rest of the night. They followed it up with A Bad Case Of Mondays from the album. Alex spoke to the crowd and made sure they were ready to rock! They changed things up a bit and played Gravity from their debut album “Window Shaded”. The band seemed to be really into the crowd, Brian seemed to be all over the stage. He was making sure everyone in the audience was getting some attention, including his bandmates. Alex went onto say the band’s next single from the album is going to be Inertia (which you can listen to below), and the people responded in kind. Throughout the night the band highlighted each member in the set, a little drum solo from Matt and a little bass from Matt and of course, the guitar mastery of Brian and let me tell you Alex’s vocals were amazing. Brian was vocal and spoke to the crowd and let us know that Alex recently joined the band. something I didn’t know. Alex does sing on the “Seasons” CD. The audience seemed to love him. I think he’s a great fit. After Inertia the band played their first single and title track of their new album, Seasons. I am very partial to this one, it’s the song that introduced me to the band and is my favorite from the record. Seeing it live just took it to another level.

The band continued with several more songs from the new CD. But they made Saturday “Throwback Saturday” and played Venomous from their third album “No Reputation”. The place went frantic on that one. It was great to see. They ended their set with Roads, which is the last song from the new album as well, very cool way to end the show. It was powerful track to close out the evening. At least that is what I thought, but the crowd wanted more and the band delivered. You don’t usually see encores in settings like this but they had one. They went back to their first album “Window Shaded”. They ended with When You’re With Me. The band was tight and you could tell they were ready for this night. They owned it.  Not even some technical difficulties could slow them down. It was also nice to see the support not just from local media, but from the fans and the rock community. Everyone I spoke with was having a great time. I am glad I was a part of it. I’m looking forward to other shows, you should too. To learn more about the band and follow them go here.

Here is the band’s setlist from that night:

1- Rock And Roll (More Alive Than You) 2- A Bad Case Of Mondays 3- Gravity 4- NLO 5- Inertia 6- Seasons 7- Cross The Line 8- Stay With Me 9- Venomous 10- Mistaken 11- Roads

  Encore 12- When You’re With Me

Below is their next single Inertia.

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