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One Time Mountain Releases A Cover Of Weird Al Yankovic’s “The Night Santa Went Crazy&#8

One Time Mountain has released a stand alone holiday song to get your festive mojo going with a cover of Weird Al Yankovic’s The Night Santa Went Crazy. It’s not your everyday Christmas song but I guess that’s the point. Actually its a pretty dark song lyrically, you know things reindeer guts and Sanata going insane, but that’s the tongue in cheek stuff that makes this one a great choice to redo. The boys do an excellent job here. In fact they rocked it up a bit which is fantastic versus the original which is more of a softer approach. I have to say the harmonies are a nice touch as well. If anything the song should give you a chuckle. The video shows the band on Christmas sweaters in photos as well as having fun. Check it out below.

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