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One Time Mountain Releases New Single “Conquer And Divide”!

One Time Mountain’s released a stand alone single Conquer And Divide. I have been waiting for an album from them since their fantastic album “Seasons. Given that a new record may be in the future I take what I can get. But trust me when I tell you, it’s always worth the wait. From Brian Murphy’s opening riff to Matt Valliere’s drumming setup the tone of the song.

This unique sound gets me every time these guys get together. Once you add in Alex Nekrylau’s vocals and of his bass playing, you have a recipe for a great rocking tune and this one lives to that expectation. There is a lot happening within the track including Murphy’s next level guitar solo. I really think you dive into this on your own and please your ears. The video is the band performing the song. Check it out below.

#ConquerAndDivide #OneTimeMountain

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