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Orphan Prodigy Releases New Single “Deep Bass” Featuring Jeff Wise!

Orphan Prodigy Ian Keller’s (Metorana) solo project, has released a new stand alone single Deep Bass. The song features Jeff Wise. I don’t know anything about him outside of the fact he obviously is friends with Keller. This track is unlike Metorana or anything else from Keller before. I will say this song really shows off Keller’s vocal prowess. I mean he really puts on a show with his vocal ability,

Most of you know I’m not really a Rap music guy, but I actually like the way it’s used here. I can see why Keller chose Wise to partner with on this single. Wise’s delivery style really impacts this song. I’m actually surprised by how good this combination of these two singers come through on this song. This is worth a listen, if you are looking for something unique. The video is interesting and reflects some of the lyrics. Check it out below.

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