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Ozzy Releases New Single “Straight To Hell” Featuring Slash!

Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) has a released a new single from his forthcoming album “Ordinary Man”. No pre-orders available yet but all be out sometime in 2020. Straight To Hell is his second single from the record. This one features Slash (Guns & Roses). This song has some familiarity to it with Ozzy singing “Alright Now” and the usual hard driving riff. He does mix it up a bit with the fact that he sings and the music stops, something a bit different from him. I’m not sure if he’s focusing on his voice on this one as it is clear and if it’s to combat all the autotune conversations people have over his singing. In any event I think this is a good effort by the man. Slash’s solo is as good as expected and a bit of unique tone for him as I don’t usually hear him play in this style. That said that adds to the song being a bit more entertaining though the solo is a bit short. It seems this new album will be as going to deliver a solid rocker based on what I have heard so far. There is no real video but Ozzy holding an animated snake while the song streams. Check it out below.

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