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Ozzy Teams Up With Elton John For A Duet On His New Single “Ordinary Man”!

Ozzy Osbourne has a new album coming out on February 21st titled “Ordinary Man”. He is offering a pre-save option here. The new single is the title track and he teamed up with Elton John making this song a duet. I find it an odd pairing but a good one. It’s in ballad form, not that’s a bad thing. The lyrics paint a picture of man reflecting on his life as these opening words suggest:

“I was unprepared for fame Then everybody knew my name No more lonely nights it’s all for you I have traveled many miles I’ve seen tears and I’ve seen smiles Just remember that it’s all for you”

At times the song reminds me of The Beatles, especially the guitar solo. DOn’t let the guitar solo get lost on you because it’s a ballad, it is done really well. Overall it’s a nice tune and two legends that can tell the same story is very cool. There is no video, but it would be something to see. Check it out below.

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