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Papa Roach Releases “Elevate” To Raise You Up!

Papa Roach has a new album coming out on January 18th, titled “Who Do You Trust?”. You can pre-order it here. I have to say this new single Elevate has to be my favorite from the band. I’m not usually a fan of a rap style typeof song but they did a good job here. I like they way they incorporated it. Most important is the message of the song, don’t be a victim, elevate yourself. Powerful lines like the following:

“Because I gotta reach my destiny Like hey, whoa I was dead now I’m living because I made my decision No I will not be a victim And I’m like hey, whoa No I don’t need permission To elevate with precision I’m bout to break through the ceiling”

Pretty potent stuff there. I like the chorus, I think it’s a catchy. I think it was a good decision to do a lyric video to just focus on what the song is saying. A nice package al around. Looking forward to the mew record. Check out the single below.

#Elevate #PapaRoach #WhoDoYouTrust

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