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Papa Roach Releases “None Of The Above”!

Papa Roach has released a new video from their current album “Crooked Teeth”. The new single None Of The Above is the eighth video and single release from the album. The record only has 10 songs. I don’t recall any artist releasing that many songs from one album. That aside, this one is one of my favorites. I can’t say the same for the video, I’m not sure what’s going not there. But the song, the song rocks. I love this verse below:

“Take me to church ‘Cause I’ve been blessed with a curse I arrived in a limo and I left in a hearse They’re speaking in tongues Feels like we’re coming undone Don’t want no part of this, none of the above”

Those lyrics can be interpreted in so many ways. I think that’s what I like best. In any can just give it a listen and maybe you can figure out the video. Check it out below.

#CrookedTeeth #NoneOfTheAbove #PapaRoach

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