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Parts Per Million Release Impactful Single With “2020 Vision”!

  Parts Per Million has released a new single from their upcoming EP titled “The Cycle” due out this Spring. 2020 Vision is the new single and video from the record. It takes on the current climate of the political world of our country. I lie that they took the approach from an outsider looking in, at least that’s my take. The observer if you will. Check out the following lyrics and you’ll see what I mean;

“Can’t hear when you’re deaf Can’t think for yourselves Can’t see we’re the same Can’t see we’re oppressed We’re being led Now choose your side choose the left or the right but it’s all gone wrong”

  It’s pretty clear to me that they band gets it. We’re more alike than we are different, we should unite with what brings us together instead of letting others determine what we should and shouldn’t like. I’ll let you discover the rest of the words anthem meaning for yourself. But I do love the message and people need to hear it.

Musically the band nails it. Vocalist Paul McSweeney does some amazing stuff with his voice, but he delivers the anger of what he’s feeling to punctuate the lyrics over the music. It’s done in a way that you want to, need to hear his words. It’s impactful. The rhyme section stands out because of McSweeney’s vocals as they tie together and if the song couldn’t get any better, S. Brian Bailey’s guitar solo comes into gear and just gives you an excellent melodic shred that matches the aggression of the song. This is the complete package and well done. The video, now that’s something to behold as well. As you watch the action take place to the words you are hearing it really takes everything to the next level. I don’t want to give away the whole video but I think you will agree its we it’s just “wow”. I have nothing else to add. Check it out below.

#2020Vision #PartsPerMillion #TheCycle

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