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Paul McCartney Releases New Metal Like Song “Slidin'”!

Paul McCartney (The Beatles) has released a new single from his recently released album “Paul McCartney III”. You can get a copy here. Slidin’ is definitely an attention getter. I don’t think I have heard anything this heavy from McCartney since Helter Skelter. This was quite the surprise for me, I wasn’t expecting something like this from this stage of his career. The more I played this, the more it grew on me.

What is really cool is that McCartney plays all instruments. I love everything about this song, the bass lines, drums, vocals all of it is spectacular. But the real surprise is his guitar solo, it is truly fantastic. This song is worth hearing over and over gain just for that. This is why this guy is a legend. The video is a animated lyric video with pictures of McCartney in various stages of his career and recording of this track. Interesting to to say the least. Check it out below.

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