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Paul McCartney Releases New Single “When Winter Comes”!

Paul McCartney (The Beatles) has released a new single from his just released album “McCartney III”. You can get a copy of it here. When Winter Comes is the new single from it and I have say it’s so much better than his previous one, Women And Wives. This one makes me happier. I like the tone and McCartney’s soothing voice and just the way he sings in a narrative way. He said this about the song on Twitter;

“This song is kind of an idealistic thing, a hippy existence on a farm, planting trees, mending fences and living the good life which is something I like, I love nature and I love that idea of getting down and getting your hands dirty”

I couldn’t have summed it up any better than that. Some might say it’s a song about his home in Scotland with his first wife Linda. I’m sure he misses the days. The video puts that together in a short animated film like setting. Check it out below.

#PaulMcCartney #WhenWinterComes

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