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Paul McCartney Releases Remastered “Beautiful Night” with Ringo Starr!

  Paul McCartney is releasing a newly remastered version of his 1997 album “Flaming Pie”, which featured Ringo Starr. Jeff Lyne co-produced it with McCartney and George Martin produced the orchestra. It comes out on July 21st and you can pre-order it here. Beautiful Night was originally the third single but now the first for this release. The song is simply a great tune. Nothing that will blow you in away of ground breaking and you obviously hear The Beatles influence on this one, just an overall good song. It’s also very cool Starr plays on it and this was sort of a reunion for the two of them, per Lynne’s suggestion. Starr even sings a bit, which is a nice touch.

The video is remastered as well and done nicely. It is just good to hear and see these type of things with anniversary and special editions of records. Mostly because you get to relive them and like me , you forget how good some of the material is and its fun to go back and listen. Check it out below.

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