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Paul Rodgers Celebrates The Music Of Free And Releases Epic “All Right Now” Live!

Paul Rodgers has an album coming out tomorrow celebrating his band Free. The album is called “Free Spirit: Celebrating the Music of Free”. He has released a performance clip of All Right Now that is just epic. Rodgers rarely gets brought into the discussion as one of the greats, but he should be. Before Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and others, there was Free. People want to talk about influences, this single is a foundation of where rock came from. When you watch his performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall doing this song, you should be in awe. This is one where the artist and the fans become one. You don’t see it as often as you think. This is a truly magical experience. 68 years old and Rodgers still commands the audience is such a classy and professional way. That’s how it’s done, people! After this, I think you will agree he should be in the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) conversation when they talk about rock frontmen and singers. Check it out below.

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