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Pearl Jam Release “Retrograde”!

  Pearl Jam has released another single from their latest album “Gigaton”. The new song is Retrograde. This one is more commercial and easier to tolerate than some of the others they have put out. That being said, it’s a pretty generic song for the band. Nothing really earth shattering to hear. The song has a hopeful tone with it’s opening verse;

“Comes the summer rain Cue the lighting and far off thunder again Projecting through the clouds And meditations, lifting out in the sound The more mistakes the more resolve It’s gonna take much more than ordinary love To lift this up”

  The song is asking us to learn from the past and we can make a difference for the future. The video on the other hand takes political approach with climate change. You can get the band’s perspective through the animation in the video. You even get a guest appearance of Greta Thunberg. Check it out below.

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