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Pearl Jam Releases The Uncensored Version Of “Jeremy”!

  Pearl Jam has released the uncensored version of their song Jeremy, which first appeared on their 1991 album “Ten”. The song is part of the bands legacy and fabric. It’s one of the great songs that will be forever with us. Nothing to criticize about it. It’s a classic and that’s all that needs to be said about it. The single was based on the true story of 16-year-old Jeremy Delle, who killed himself in front of his classmates in 1991, from Dallas, Texas.

  Pearl Jam has released the track with a new video to help raise awareness of National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The video is everything for this release. It shows Eddie Vedder narrating the story of Jeremy as actor Trevor Wilson plays the part. The story is explained perfectly and is quite visual. The biggest different from the original edited version versus this one is that you actually see Jeremy put the gun in his mouth and you see some of the aftermath. Very powerful. Check it out below.

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