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Perry Farrell Releases The Official Video For “Pirate Punk Politician”!

Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction) has a new album coming put on June 7th titled “Kind Heaven”. You can pre-order it here. Farrell has now put out the official video for Pirate Punk Politician. I reviewed the song when it first came out two months ago. You can read my commentary here. This view is about the video. The video obviously supports Farrell’s political views. He had commented on Twitter the following;

“It is a protest song about the rise of autocratic strong men around the world… So my dancer friends and I did some free forming, and some choreography (which seems daunting but it’s really fun).”

It won’t take you long to see who he is aiming at in the video. I’ll eave it there and you view it for yourselves below.

#KindHeaven #PerryFarrell #PiratePunkPolitician

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