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Pink Floyd Release “Welcome To The Machine” Video 43 Years After Its Release!

Pink Floyd has put out yet another classic from their “Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1967-1972” recently released box set. You must be in your glory f you are a Pink Floyd fan. It seems like every week they are releasing something from this collection. I’m not complaining mind you, but it seems like I can barely keep up with them. The latest is the video for their 1975 single Welcome To The Machine from their album “Wish You Were Here”. The song by itself is a great song, I don’t think I have to comment about the song. The video on the other hand I feel doesn’t really convey the lyrics. Its pretty cool I guess for its time as far as the animation, but nit sure if the political message of the song gets through in the video. You can finally see what took over 40 years to release below.

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