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Pink Floyd Releases “Arnold Layne” Video With Syd Barrett!

Pink Floyd has released another rarity in their first ever single Arnold Layne from their current box set “Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1967-1972”. The band has been releasing quite a bit lately. We should feel pretty good about that. This song was really a promotional tune that didn’t make on to an album until the 1971 record “Relics”. The song is about a man who steals women’s undergarments from clothes lines. Some say he was a cross dresser and that it was a real person who lived in Cambridge, England. The song isn’t quite what you would expect from Pink Floyd in later years, but it was what they sounded like then. The video in black and white features Syd Barrett and that alone is a worthy treat. I’m not sure if its the era or the time so to speak, but the video is very similar to The Beatles HELP or even The Monkees like antics. You can check it out below.

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