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Pink Floyd Releases “Marooned Jam 1994”!

Pink Floyd has a new box set arriving on December 13th titled “Pink Floyd: The Later Years 1987-2019”. You can pre-order it here. The band has just put out an unreleased version of the song Marooned called Marooned Jam 1994. The song first appeared on their “The Division Bell” album. This if you didn’t realize it already is a guitargasm. It’s slightly shorter than the original by about a minute or so and tome a bit more uptempo. Anything with David Gilmour playing guitar is usually pretty epic and this isn’t an exception but the rule. As far as instrumentals go this one is one of my favorites (The original) and this is a pretty good nugget to get. This box set is shaping u to be something really special. In any event there is no video just a stream of the song. I think you’ll enjoy this one. Check it out below.

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