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Pink Floyd Releases “Run Like Hell” Live!

Pink Floyd will be releasing on November 20th, the restored, remixed and edited version of their film/DVD/CD “Delicate Sound Of Thunder”. You can pre-order it here. Run Like Hell is a performance clip from it. The song first appeared on their 1979 album “The Wall”. This version is from 1988. It is one of my favorite songs from the band and is a true classic. This live version is spectacular as its longer than the original. I love the teased intro and how clear all the instruments come through. You almost don’t realize the Roger Waters isn’t there. That aside, this is seriously a great live tune.

The video brings it all to fruition and makes it that much better. You get to see the energy from the band and hear the crowd clapping along reciprocating their enthusiasm. You get to see the lasers and the rest of the bands stage show. One thing is for sure, watching this makes me realize how much I miss going to a concert. Check it out below.

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