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Pop Evil Release Title Track "Skeletons"!

Pop Evil has a new single from their just released new album "Skeletons". You can order a copy here. The band has put out the title track. This is quickly becoming my favorite from the record. It's a song and theme many bands are taking on our society of today. You can check this verse below that pretty much sums it up;

"We live in a world gone mad, that's lost control

What doesn't kill us leaves a hole in our soul

Chase a satellite, get lost in outer space

We're only human, we're flesh and bone"

I think if you listen to the rest of the track you will see that they are saying there is hope. A message we are always in need of. Musically the song has riffs and a nice tempo. I have to say I am impressed with singer Leigh Kakaty's vocal delivery. I believe you will like this one. Check out the lyric video below.

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